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The Official Fenrir Software Homepage

Fenrir Software and Davis Soft are teaming up to create a new joint company, read about it by clicking here!
Welcome to Fenrir Software. My name is Kyle otherwise know as TheBadger or Fenrir on IRC and ICQ. I am the president and founder of Fenrir Software. I hope that you enjoy your stay, and will download some programs. If you see a program that I do not have, please E-Mail it to me. Thanks. Remember to bookmark this page and watch it as it grows!
I am a Secret Agent for the Ti-Files and their Official Game of the Month updater. Please visit the The Ti-files webpage
If you need a beta tester for the PC, Calc. 82/83, please E-Mail me at Fernir@geocities.com with BETA TESTING as the topic. I have beta tested for On-Line, Microsoft and 2AM. I am planning to expand in my Beta testing carrer.

Since I have no Ti-85 (yet), I need suggestions for Ti-85 Basic, ZShell and Usgaurd programs and games. Please E-Mail them to me. Thanks
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ATTENTION: Fenrir Software is expanding into Visual Basic! I will soon put up an archive and some small programs. Since I am limited to 2 megs. of space on Tripod, I will not be able to put much on here.
Don't forget to visit our new Current Projects page!
Please select a format:
Ti-82 Basic
ASH (Ti-82 ASM shell)
OS-82 (Ti-82 ASM shell)
Ti-83 Basic
Ti-83 ASM
Aurora (Ti-83 ASM shell)
LOTUS archive
How to create icons for LOTUS
Misc. items that don't fit any where else
Ti-85 Basic archive
USGaurd archive (ti-85 ASM shell)
ZShell archive (ti-85 ASM shell)
Updates done to Fenrir Software

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