Fenrir Software-Member BIOS
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Member BIOS

I suppose you're wondering why I made this page like I did. Well, I like medieval stuff so I figured why not have Fenrir Software's members set up in medieval ranks? Kinda' cool if you ask me. ;) Anyway, here we are.


Name: Kyle Symonds
Age: 15
Nickname's used: Bane Darkheart, TheBadger, Fenrir
E-Mail: Fernir@geocities.com Fenrir@stealthmail.com
Calcs owned: TI-82, TI-83
HomePage: http://www.geocities.com/ResearchTriangle/5407/index.html
Part in Fenrir Software: Senior Editor, Recruiter, Main programmer, Page maintainer, Founder
Known programming languages: QBasic, TI-BASIC, GW-Basic, Visual Basic V3.0 Professional. Learning: Z80 ASM, Visual Basic V5.0 Enterspise, Visual C++


Name: Jordan Husband
Age: 15
Nickname's used: Jaxom, Time Lord
E-Mail: st4j@gte.net
Calcs owned: TI-82
HomePage: None
Part in Fenrir Software: Programmer, Recruiter, "Idea man"
Known programming languages: QBasic, TI-Basic, Visual Basic V5.0 Enterprise and down.


Name: Darien Lambert
Age: 14
Nicknames used: |trax|, Trax
E-Mail: trax@ix.netcom.com
Calcs owned: None that I know of
Homepage: Unknown
Part in Fenrir Software: Web Admin.


Name: Ben Davis
Nicknames used: Mystic82
E-Mail: niceguy828@aol.com
Calcs owned: TI-82, TI-86?
HomePage: http://members.aol.com/niceguy828/index.htm
Part in Fenrir Software: Programmer
Known programming languages: TI-Basic, A little of OS-82 ASM


Name: Chase Symonds
Nicknames used: Striderr
E-Mail: Fernir@geocities.com
Calcs owned: None
Homepage: None
Part in Fenrir Software: Programmer, Ideas
Know programming languages: QBasic. Learning Visual Basic

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