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About Crystal Dynamics

Welcome, incase you havn't heard, DavisSoft and Fenrir Software are forming a joint company called Crystal Dynamics (cool name, huh?). I will keep the Fenrir Software page up and running (maybe even update it =) ). This page will include 82-83 ASM and BASIC programs at your fingertips. Hopefuly we will be able to get some 86 stuff on there also. Fenrir Software will continue to program TI games and paste them both here and on Crystal Dynamics. I will still be reachable through E-Mail, my IRC under the nickname, TheBadger (Fenrir for ICQ). So what does this new joint company mean? It simply means that DavisSoft and Fenrir Software will come together and try to create programs to your needs, everything else will remain the same. We here at Fenrir Software love to hear the user's output, please E-Mail us at, we enjoy reading mail and responding to it ever more. Thanks,