Fenrir Software-Current Projects
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Fenrir Software's Current Projects

Welcome. This is a list of all the projects that Fenrir Software is currently working on. The seccond member, Jordan, got his modem 'un-fried' and is back on-line. Anyway, here's the list:
1. Dominia, a TI-82 Basic RPG.
2. Dark-Forces, the 3-D shooter game
3. Time Lords, A Visual Basic 5.0 RPG. It's due date is the beginning of '98. Look for it!
4. HicQuest, The popular and funny TI-8X games comes to your PC in QBasic form.

Because of the difficulties in programming a decent Visual Basic program in a set period of time, all work on Domina and Dark Forces have been suspended at this time.
When they come out, both of two TI-82 programs will be in TI-Basic, but later we will upgrade them to OS-82, then ASH.

I have programmer's block, as you may call it, and cannot think of anything to program (odd thing, huh?). I whould enjoy your suggestions, please E-Mail them to Fernir@geocities.com. Thanks.
This is all for the moment, but as school starts back up and I can get in touch with the rest of Fenrir Software's members, we will explode with more games and programs!

Thank-you for stoping by,

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