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Fenrir Software's LOTUS Icons tutorial

Hi, I'm glad you stopped by to see how to create icons for my newest and fastest GUI, LOTUS. Ok, here's how it goes:
You can download all my icon programs: Icons.zip And disect them to see how they work and see if you can understand any of it (You should be able to. It's pretty easy).
And/Or you can read the following:
The icons are 9 pixles lengthwise (up to down), and 17 pixles widthwise (right to left). X is the variable I used to indicate the middle of the row of icons. And E-N are the variables I used to indicate the top to the bottom (the end of the first icon name to a space before the name of the icon's program). When you tell it to draw a line on the first row, you'd type:
That whould (should) draw a line from the beginning of line #1 to the end of line #1. That should be enough for you to understand how to create an icon file on just about any program.
If you still don't understand how to create icon files for LOTUS, please E-Mail me at Fernir@geocities.com or by licking Here to E-Mail me

Thank-you for stoping by,

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