Fenrir Software-Ti-82 Basic
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Fenrir Software's Ti-82 Basic Archive

Welcome to Fenrir Software's Ti-82 Basic Archive. This is a list of the following Ti-82 Basic programs I currently have. Hopefully this list will grow as more and more programs come in.
Fenrir Software's programs are marked with a *
See a game or program I don't have? E-Mail it to me!

* OS-9X 82 with SHELL add-on.
* Black Jack Link Black Jack over the calc. to calc. link
* OS-97 82
* Real Time Chat (RTC)
* DOS 82
* Encrypt
Pic Plus 2 Allows you to store over 30 pics
Hell V1.0 By Jareth Software
Hicquest Attain a 100% Blood Alcohol Level
Mirrors A game of angles
Othello Play linked or against the calc.

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