Fenrir Software-Updates
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Fenrir Software's Updates

Frequent Updates done to Fenrir Software:

Don't think I'm skimping out on you guys here. I've been updating, just not adding it to this page. Ok? Good. Not only that, I've been busy with Driver's ED and homework. Cya guys around.
1. Updated the Current Projects page
2. Redid the About Us page (you'll be surprised)
3. Minor Changes

1. Added 4 programs to the 83asm archive
2. Added 5 programs to the Aurora archive
3. Added OS-82 and 8 programs to the archive
4. Updated and added 4 new programs tot he ASH archive
5. Minor Changes done

I'm really sorry, I've been busy helping out the TI-Files and been sick, so I don't really feel like updating all that much. I will try my best to get back on schedule
1. Fixed some bad links on the pages
2. Added Encrypt to the 82-Basic archive
3. For all you IE4.0 P2 users, I'm working on the frames of the main page, for some odd reason, I can't get them to work. I'm really sorry for that. I will try to get it working as soon as I can. Thanks. 4. Minor Changes 8-27-97:
Ouch! I've really been slacking off. Well, my schedual's been busy, so you can't realy blame me for it. =)
1. Created the Crystal Dynamics about page
2. Updated the Current Projects page
3. Some minor updating here and there

The seccond member of Fenrir Software is finally back on-line. Yahooo!
1. Added the Current Projects section.
2. Fixed some major Font problems
3. Minor Changes

I'm really sorry for the long time and no updates. I've been busy with other things and will be gone on the 13th and won't be back until the 17th. I will update soon, maybe tomarrow. 8-2-97:
1. Changed the background to something nice instead of black to make my site look more 'profesional' =)
2. Minor Changes

I'm really dorry for the long time and no updates. I've been away and caught up in other things (PIRCH programming).
1. Added music (I did this along time ago but never added it to the updates)
2. Added ZShell V4.0 and Insane Game to the ZShell archive
3. Since I do not have a Ti-85 (yet), I need suggestions for Ti-85 basic, Usgaurd, and ZShell games and programs. Please E-Mail them to me.
4. Updated the about up page
5. I will add more music and a random generator soon enough, this music is getting kinda' annoying
6. My good buddy, Concordia Dragon, has lost control over his webring (he can't access it) so I have deleted it from my page.
7. Minor Changes

1. Added frames for easier navigation
2. Added a join Fenrir Software page
3. Added an about us page
4. Minor Changes

1. Added ASH and 6 programs to the ASH archive
2. Added 7 progs to the Ti-83 ASM archive
3. Added 6 progs to the Ti-82 archive
4. Added 1 prog to the Ti-83 BASIC archive
5. Added OSHELL-82 to the OSHELL archive
6. Fixed a link
7. Added some links
8. Minor Changes

It's my birthday! WoooHooo! I am now 15
1. Added a whole bunch of links
2. Added lots of icons to the LOTUS archive
3. Minor Changes here and there

1. Whoops! I fixed all my page links (now you can go somewhere)
2. Created this page
3. Created the LOTUS and how to create icons for LOTUS and added links to them.
4. Added 5 new progs. to the Ti-82 Basic archive
5. Added 11 new progs. to the Ti-83 Basic archive
6. Added LOTUS to the LOTUS page
7. Minor changes

1. Got my Tripod account
2. Added all Fenrir Software pages (no games or programs yet. :( )

Thank-you for stoping by,

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